You know how it is. You have the best of intentions. You are determined to make a change, this time…….. Yeah right. Most of us have no problem keeping promises to others, but can’t do the same for ourselves. Why is this?


You are probably a decent person who hates letting others down, right? You want to be known as a person who keeps their word. It makes you feel better about yourself and it also makes life simpler, true? Conversely, if you break a promise you pay a high price out in the real world. Relationships suffer. You might get a reputation as unreliable and lose others’ trust. You might be called irresponsible, lazy or unmotivated. That’s not good for you personally or professionally. Don’t pay what you promised, and your house could be repossessed! Let your girl/boy friend down and they might even leave you – god forbid!



But, when you break a promise to yourself, well…… have you ever tried to leave yourself? Have you ever tried to talk about yourself behind your own back (it’s impossible!). It’s also pretty darned difficult to have a full-on argument with yourself without ending up in a straight-jacket. Your reputation doesn’t suffer because no-one, least of all you, goes around proclaiming that you are a liar!

There are no consequences at all out there in the real world. That’s why it is just too darned easy for us to break our word to ourselves.


If you kept all the promises you made to yourself and stuck with your intentions, how would your life look? Promises like: “I’m going to only eat healthy food” “I’m going to stick to a budget.” “I’m going to get out of this crummy job.” “I am going to give up ……. (take your pick).” Would you be enjoying life more? Would you be more organised, fitter, healthier, financially free, less stressed or more peaceful?


The truth is most of us need outer accountability to make major changes in our lives. We’ve all been there. I spent seven years procrastinating over doing my Masters degree. I knew it was going to help my career and my life in general. It was only after being coached that I finally put my portfolio together and enrolled. I trusted that I would be accepted, even though I had no undergraduate degree.


Coaching helped me believe in my potential which kept me going when I floundered. My coach moved me forward when I was stuck or unmotivated. He helped me build awareness about how I was sabotaging myself. I flew through my M.A. (with honours I might add), no problemo. That was some years ago now. But today I still meet with a coach about my business, and any other issues that may arise. I don’t have to go it alone. I have support and feedback from someone whose only agenda is to help me succeed. The value of being coached is priceless. It impacts on every area of my life now, and will in the future.

Katie Kalin is a performance coach and kinesiologist based in Cork Ireland.She offers in clinic and online consultations where she helps you to access your own wisdom  through muscle testing. You can learn about her and book a free half hour call through