Our general fear of our world becoming more and more poverty stricken, easily led by liars, prejudiced and uncaring won’t change until we each get our own place in the world clear.

This means that we each have an individual influence that gets others to think in certain ways. When enough of us think in a certain way we can work miracles in the world.

When we play the corporate game of prioritising money over everything else we become part of the current world’s problems. The only way to abundance for everyone is through a heart centered approach to our work and to everyone we work with and for.

When we treat others like ‘workers’ instead of complex human beings like ourselves, we put them on a different level to us and this doesn’t make for great working relationships. It is important that we use money and value people, rather than use people and value money for its own sake.

If you find yourself doing this out of habit or simply run with this attitude because of your cultural influences and habits, become mindful of the fact that you are only in your position because of people who saw your wonderful abilities and personality. All individuals have wonderful abilities and personality. They come into their best selves when they are allowed to express them without worry that someone will criticise or ridicule them.

Your job as a leader in your business or team, is to work with people in such a way that they are part of a ‘we feeling’. The ‘we feeling’ can’t be faked by the leader.

The leader must genuinely care about the other and want to help create the best sense of a team that values each and every one of us. This, according to research, is more important to people than the money they earn or the actual work duties they do.

To start to instill a sense of ‘we’ in your company, practice or business,

1. Always acknowledge each person’s efforts to do the best they can, even if their efforts aren’t perfect.

2. Say out loud the things you’ve noticed they worked hard on and how grateful you are for their efforts. Don’t think that this goes un-noticed. It is extremely important to people when they have put their heart and soul into something.

3. When you feel that changes need to be made, first acknowledge specifically what they did well (and if that’s hard to find), their efforts to produce what you asked for. Then recommend instead of criticise.

4. When you criticise you point out what’s wrong without offering an alternative. When you recommend you suggest an alternative way of doing something, without making the other person feel ‘wrong’. And if you don’t have a better idea than they did, who are you to criticise what they did anyway!

5. A good way to end this sort of interaction is to notice something else they put effort into and commend them for this. This way of approaching what you want for your business helps to build strong and kind relationships.

The culture of a company or business comes down to leadership. When things are not going well, that’s your time to lead by getting your fellow human beings to want to work with you.

Instead of expecting them to take criticism and prioritise your business over their lives in general, remember they have complicated lives too and you won’t get on very well if you forget that.

With the worry of Brexit looming we can work together and strengthen our businesses or become competitive and view everyone as the great enemy. This can happen both within businesses and between businesses. This is based in fear. The truth is there is enough for everybody.

When we get clear on why we practice the predominantly held belief of scarcity we can choose another belief that serves everyone better. We can choose to believe that each business has the opportunity to bring its own unique gifts to the world, each with its own unique value. And we can choose to change the way we lead. Leadership can change the whole mindset of the company. It can change from a dog-eat-dog model to one of gentle growth and wonderful entrance into the world of paradigm reversal. And that is a challenging, scary, yet wonderful place.

Your future won’t be known by anyone, nor will the future of your business. But your relationships formed along the way will help you to cope no matter which way things turn. Become a true leader to get the best out of the people that you practice your life with. You won’t regret it.

Katie Kalin is a kinesiologist and performance coach with over 30 years experience working with groups and individuals. She runs a private clinic in Cork City and also does online  consultations. She believes that we can access our innate wisdom that is connected to universal intelligence, through muscle testing. Access one free half hour consultation with her through  www.katiekalin.com