How do I Deal with My Abusive Brother?

#WisdomHour with Katie Kalin kinesiologist as she surrogate muscle tests for the following question:

My brother & I haven’t spoken in around three years, he still lives at home with my parents. Anytime I go to visit, he is there. Everyone (including my parents) are weary about how they speak to him as he will explode with anger if spoken to or asked a question that he doesn’t like the sound of. Recently, he was physically abuse toward me when I visited after I had asked a question in front of my mother, his girlfriend and my daughter. My mother will always have an excuse for why he acted a certain way, its always someone elses fault why he reacts the way he does. My father knows my brother is a loose canon but he has said he feels he doesnt know what to do as he is now 24. He also doesnt want to affect the relationship he has with my mother by stating his feelings. I would like to not be in my brothers presence, my daughter loves her family and wishes only to have everyone together. I want her to feel safe and to have memories of a happy childhood. I feel he is a bad role model for my daughter. I’m not sure what to do or how to handle the situation? As if it was down to just my feelings, I wouldn’t visit or have any association with my brother again.

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