Who do I invite to my childrens' christening when my family don't get along?

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I want to have a christening for my children. My sister doesn’t want me to invite my aunt and her children with their families since there were problems with an inheritance and unfair treatment of us by them. My sister had to deal with all the practical issues at the time since I don’t live in my home country anymore. My sister feels deeply hurt by my aunt and her children and doesn’t want them in her life any more. She says if I invite them it will ruin the christening for her and that I would choose them over her. I don’t feel about it the same way as her, I know things weren’t fair back then but I am not sure about cutting them off because it means cutting them off from my kids as well. I also don’t feel as hurt as my sister and kept superficial contact for now until I am ready to maybe talk about everything with them. That time is not right now though because I got other stuff going on. Regarding the christening, I want to honour my sisters feelings and not have her think I choose them over her, but also be able to do what s right for me. I am trying to figure out what that is and also how to value my sister still . Should I invite family that I and mainly my sister had problems with to my children’s communion even though my sister is urging me not to to not ruin it for her?

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