What is Kate’s Method?

In her clinic Kate uses a gentle hands on (or hands off) process. It provides feedback from muscle testing to detect and treat the underlying causes of any issue or trauma that is troubling or challenging you to aid and relieve stress.

You will find this therapy comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. However it is NOT a passive therapy where everything is done TO you. You engage in this therapy together in partnership and are required to continue the therapeutic process through homeplay.

In your online session Kate uses a process of distant kinesiology combined with coaching and other personal development techniques.

You may experience the following as part of your session:


  • Reprogramming negative self talk or beliefs
  • Suppressed trauma release
  • Physical rebalancing using accupressure points and other gentle techniques.
  • Stress release using physical and energy clearing techniques.
  • Learning assertiveness, communication or conflict resolution skills. Practicing these behaviours.
  • Nutritional assessment and advice for optimum health.
  • Reconnecting to nourishing and balancing elements in your life e.g. mindfulness, nature, meditation, exercise.
  • Quick and easy expressive exercises for emotional processing.
  • Discovering underlying values to help you with motivation, priorities and purpose.
Kinesiology, Trauma, Stress
Kinesiology, Trauma, Stress

DISCLAIMER: Kinesiology is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. If you are having symptoms that require medical attention, you will be required to get clearance from your GP or health professional before I can work with you. Kinesiology does not claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Kinesiology finds out where your imbalances are and we work to rebalance the body-mind for your chosen goal.