from going nowhere

with your pain or fear

Pain, Anxiety, Symptoms

from going nowhere

with your pain.

Pain, Anxiety, Symptoms


5 Steps Towards Resolving Auto-Immune Symptoms

Do you want to:

* Resolve symptoms or pain that your doctors can’t explain?

* Be more confident and response-able in your life?

* Be more calm, courageous and clear?

If you feel overwhelmed, stuck, and you are getting nowhere fast,

I will help you find AND resolve the underlying causes of your distress.         

See Kate’s Method

Pain, Anxiety, Symptoms

My Clients Say

I had vertigo and didn’t know what was causing it, even after conventional medical tests.
Through Kate’s Kinesiology I found out that the causes were complex, both mental and physical. I found out there were also aspects of my lifestyle which were causing the condition. (read more)

Rebecca Landry

Sales Representative Cork City

“Kate’s work has helped us as a family unit move forward with strength and clarity. Her work has helped, and will continue to help, us make sure that any difficulties we as parents are facing do not become the responsibility of our children.  Kate’s work has helped us understand how children absorb family dynamics and has helped us to make appropriate changes to support both the adults and children. Most profoundly for me is how Kate’s work can get to the bottom of medical conditions, especially ones that the medical profession cannot explain. Kate is out first stop for all physical issues and problems are always resolved.”


Bethan O'Riordan

Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Whitechurch, County Cork

“I came to see Kate 2 years ago when I had very bad chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia and was bed bound most days. The session was different to previous sessions of kinesiology that I had had. I felt very comfortable with Kate, and found her presence very calming and reassuring. In the session we explored the root of my illness, and childhood memories that had been contributing to it. It was one of those ephinany moments where things start to make sense. It changed how I viewed myself, helped me heal my inner child and opened my mind to the power of memories stored in the body. I have attended a lot of different holistic therapies for Fibromyalgia and found the session particularly good because it went straight to the heart of the issue. Since the session I have continued my holistic journey and 2 years later have finished my degree and am on holidays in Rome, traveling on my own. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone who is exhausted from trying to ‘figure out’ why they are sick, especially those diagnosed with psychosomatic illness”

Sophie O'Regan

Graduate, Cobh, County Cork.

I was suffering from Lupus and would break out in an awful rash all over my face and hands when I had a flare up. We found out it was the emotional stress on my nervous system that was triggering the Lupus. Kate gave me specific exercises to help me process my feelings instead of avoiding and suppressing them.I had one very minor flare up after seeing Kate. Since then I’ve had no Lupus symptoms for over 2 years.

Linda Hannigan

Mother and Sales Assistant, Cork City

Kate Kalin is a truly gifted, connected, compassionate healer. I started going to her when I suffered a sensory neural sudden hearing loss and went deaf in one ear. Losing my hearing has been a truly life changing experience, and I am grateful to have been supported by Kate. It has been two years since then…… (read more)


Deirdre Ryan MscEd

Literacy consultant, Community Organiser, Womens' Empowerment Facilitator, Music Teacher. , Deerpark, Cork City.

DISCLAIMER: Kinesiology is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. If you are having symptoms that require medical attention see your GP or health professional first. Katie Kalin does not claim to diagnose or cure any specific disease or medical condition. She works with the whole person to re-balance you for your chosen goal. Goals may include optimal healing, physical or mental health, personal development, learning with ease, stress management,  life-work balance, or general wellbeing