from getting nowhere with
your anxiety or pain.

Pain, Anxiety, Symptoms

from getting nowhere with
your anxiety or pain.

Pain, Anxiety, Symptoms

Do you want to be:

  • Free of symptoms that doctors can’t explain?
  • Confident, focused and less anxious?
  • Calm, courageous and clear?

If you are in overwhelm and you feel stuck

I will help you find AND resolve the underlying causes of your distress or pain.

Pain, Anxiety, Symptoms

My Clients Say

I had vertigo and didn’t know what was causing it, even after conventional medical tests.
Through Kate’s Kinesiology I found out that the causes were complex, both mental and physical.
I found out there were also aspects of my lifestyle which were causing the condition. (read more)

Rebecca Landry

Sales Representative Cork City

I went to visit Kate because I felt anxious and overwhelmed with trying to run a business and my
conflicting desire to be a full-time mum I am expecting my third baby. Kate was so helpful in putting
me in touch with myself again, which helped me to feel stronger in myself and to be able
to make strong life decisions. … (read more)

Richael Mulvihille

Owner of Joop Cafe, Douglas, Cork City

I was suffering from Lupus and would break out in an awful rash all over my face and hands when
I had a flare up. We found out it was the emotional stress on my nervous system that was triggering the Lupus.
Kate gave me specific exercises to help me process my feelings instead of avoiding and suppressing them.
I had one very minor flare up after seeing Kate. Since then I’ve had no Lupus symptoms for over 2 years.

Linda Hannigan

Mother and Sales Assistant, Cork City

DISCLAIMER: Kinesiology is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. If you are having symptoms that require medical attention, you will be required to get clearance from your GP or health professional before I can work with you. Kinesiology does not claim to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Kinesiology finds out where your imbalances are and we work to rebalance the body-mind for your chosen goal.