About Katie Kalin

You’ve found me because you are stuck, fearful or in pain.

You may also be overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

I’ve been there too and it took me a long time to realise that

When life’s hard we don’t have to do it alone

I now see my challenges in my life as gifts that enable me

to have empathy and compassion for others.

I spent many years sorting myself out and that allowed me to find the best ways to work.

I found that the quickest and surest way is to access your inner

wisdom, which has the exact answers to all your problems.

The best advice we ever get
comes from deep inside us

We are born with incredible intelligence throughout our body. Most people think that intelligence is only in our brain, but that is not true.

When we work with your body wisdom we bypass your programming. This programming interferes with your ability to move forward and get to the TRUTH.

Our truth is not masked by social and family conditioning, or by other’s expectations. We get a lifeline to who we really are.

Access Your Inner Wisdom

“I will help you achieve your physical, mental or behavioural goal by accessing your own inner wisdom.

We will clear subconscious blocks and trauma, create new awareness and motivation, and develop new skills for the change you want.”

Kate Kalin – Director, Kinesiologist, Coach

Pain, Overwhelm

Professional Background

Kate Kalin is a Kinesiology Consultant from New Zealand. She combines kinesiology with modern coaching methods, life skills and personal development training, to help with any physical, mental or behavioural challenges. She currently specialises in helping women with auto-immune diseases.

She uses techniques based in modern scientific research into how your brain and body relationship works.This use of manual biofeedback to access the ‘bodymind’ is combined with the most effective and ancient eastern healing arts. Kate uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to detect the underlying causes of challenges her clients face, and help them discover unique and personal ways to resolve their problems.

Kate used drama and theatre training to help develop her her groups  in NZ and Ireland. She has also delivered a wide range of life skills training. These skills include coping with grief, loss and change, assertiveness, managing criticism, giving constructive criticism, conflict resolution, listening skills, anger management, individual learning styles, and more.


Kate conducted practical research into the use of kinesiology for the development of creative potential for her M.A. at University College Cork, Ireland. She has presented her research at national and international conferences.

Helping people for a long time

Kate has over thirty years experience in the personal development field as either group facilitator, coach or therapist.

Her background includes the delivery of training within industry for WINZ in N.Z. She has provided performing arts training in N.Z. and Ireland as well as personal development workshops for various organisations. See testimonials.

When you feel better you do better

Kate is a qualified Complementary Health Therapist adding diet and nutrition, reflexology and therapeutic massage to her portfolio, to be able to offer a 360 degree approach to health and performance. Kate believes that “when you feel better, you do better” in all aspects of your life.

And now…

These days Kate enjoys working with a broad spectrum of individuals in her own private practice and online, as well as providing workshops for groups. Currently her clients include business owners, adults with physical, emotional or motivation issues, PhD candidates and students, and children with behavioural, emotional or learning challenges.


Kinesiology Consultant

M.A.(Hons) DTS. U.C.C. Ireland.
Dissertation: ‘Psychophysical Training and the Development of Conscious Awareness.’

Higher Diploma in Business and Executive Coaching.
Diploma in Life & Business Coaching

ITEC Complementary Therapy Diploma
(all with distinction)
Anatomy and Physiology
Diet and Nutrition
Therapeutic massage
Hygiene and First Aid