1. Your health won’t get better if you keep suppressing or dulling the symptoms but don’t do anything to unravel what is causing them.

  2. Your health gets better when you understand that symptoms are like ‘error signals’ on your computer. They tell us there is something out of order in our system.

  3. These ‘error signals’ are valuable information that help you to know if you are either moving in the right direction towards health, or are getting further away.

  4. Your general momentum towards health needs support from a healing ally. If you have been fighting with your symptoms for a long time, you will be exhausted and demoralised.

  5. A good healing ally supports you with general partnership, has eager anticipation that you can be well again, and offers practical help and guidance.

  6. A complicated dis-ease requires as much enquiry as needed to uncover any possible causes. This takes time. Once the causes have been ascertained it becomes obvious which ones you can work on and which ones you can’t.

  7. For example the past can’t be changed but our emotional subconscious response to it can be reframed.

  8. The good news is that many people become non-symptomatic if they address the causes they CAN do something about, which are often not ALL of the causes.

  9. Our bodies are resilient and designed to manage a certain amount of stress and strain.

  10. Often by working on causes which are able to be processed, our bodies can become gently supported to manage the strains that remain. And that means lessened or resolved symptoms.

    Engaging your own healing mechanism

    requires enquiry into 7 areas.

    1. Your nutritional status

    A body cannot heal itself when it doesn’t have the required nutrients to rebuild and/or prioritise cellular renewal.

    The current nutritional state of many foods is corrupted by additives and pesiticides, colours and preservatives, terrible processing and tampering.

    It can be difficult to find food that hasn’t been irradiated or even pretends to be alive.

    Proper nutrition gets your cells to become highly valuable generators of greatly needed energy.

    To do this your food must not add to the load of your digestive system but instead play the vital role in gut health, which underpins all other health.

    2. The ebb and flow of your symptoms

    The changing pain levels and appearance and disappearance of your symptoms give you valuable signposts towards what triggers your symptoms and what calms them down.

    When you know that a certain way of thinking, or a practice which has become a habit, inflames your symptoms, it can be changed through deliberate exercises. These help you to create new habits and to engage a new way of being in the world.

    When symptoms are severe a good exercise is to ask your body what it is trying to tell you. It won’t speak directly to you, but will give you clues. A good healing ally can help you interpret these clues.

    3. Steps to identify the history that led to great physical crisis.

    By identifying a timeline in your life which uncovers periods of great stress or pain (physical or emotional) we see a pattern being played out in the body.

    Through this timeline we can find out what it will take to reverse the build up of great distress in your body.

    For example you may be carrying physical toxicity in your body. This could be due to previous practices which were undertaken to get you well at another time of your life.

    These practices can have their own negative impact on your body e.g. the after affects of surgery, chemotherapy or dentistry.

    4. Uncover the burdens that you are not aware of.

    We all carry subconscious loads that aren’t easily uncovered but with the right expertise you can identify and resolve them.

    When you know what is driving your great distress at subconscious level, it will often make sense of the pain you experience in your body.

    You will discover there is usually a metaphor which is played out in the body e.g. a pain in the ultra-sensitive nerves of the ‘we’ system (the urinary tract or bladder), often accompanies an experience or feeling that we don’t matter to others, and a fear that we are not good enough.

    This can originate from childhood experience or adult pain, but until it is expressed a person can experience repeated infections in the ‘wee’ system.

    5. Presence to your inner child.

    This is where distress often originates and stays with you, placing strain on your emotional nervous system.

    Your great job as an adult is to re-parent the part of you who didn’t get to process various traumatic episodes and difficult experiences.

    This is a well known process. It doesn’t mean you go over and over the past. Instead  you become present to that part of yourself as it resides in you now, and how you relate to it now.

    6. Entry into the great void of why you are here and what is your purpose.

    This won’t come into the light unless you entrust your spiritual self with the challenge of being present to it.

    Our spiritual development is a prerequisite for good health.

    If we don’t feel we are on our path in terms of how we want to engage with the world and use our talents, gifts and presence, we are stuck spiritually.

    This results in a deep pull towards the void so that we must observe it and present ourselves to our great spiritual nature.

    Until we do this, we continue down the road of procrastination and energy loss. This doesn’t help to resolve our physical symptoms as we need all our energy to become well.

    7. Enquiry into how you will place yourself back into the center of your world.

    This means not living for others, but for yourself.

    Our tendency to avoid our own lives so that we can focus on others won’t help them or ourselves.

    It is our job to keep ourselves present to our own needs and goals. By doing this we don’t get depleted and get what we need to engage our true self at our highest level.

    This is a gift to everyone which we encounter, including our children, partners and parents.

    To get your energy moving towards health you need to enliven yourself with all of the things that make your heart sing. Only when you are truly engaged with your own life will your energy correct itself. Only then can you experience self healing, and only then can you truly give to others.

    Katie Kalin is a kinesiologist  with over 30 years experience working with groups and individuals. She runs a private clinic in Cork City and also does online kinesiology/coaching consultations. She believes that we can access our innate wisdom that is connected to universal intelligence, through muscle testing. Access one free half hour consultation with her through  www.katiekalin.com