When We are Unwell its Hard to See Things Clearly.

Our experience with illness makes it hard to remember what its like to feel well. We have to step into imagining the general feeling of wellness to actually get well and that takes a leap of faith. When we decide that our great spirit is more powerful than any other thing on earth we begin to prioritise connecting with that. We get our minds allied with what the universe is trying to tell us through our symptoms. This is a puzzle at best and a pretty difficult ride at worst. The best case scenario is an attitude of curiosity and prudent wise work towards uncovering all the possible causes, many that can be hidden deep in the subconscious.

Deep Causes of Unwellness

Within the range of causes can be great emotional blocks brought on by inner conflict, practical causes like stress at work that has been building up to also engage your private time in worry and despair, great personal loss which could come from times in your childhood or as an adult.

These great losses are any time you were not allowed to express how you believe yourself to be in the world. For example: your great spirit as a child allows you to believe that you can do anything, and will be successful at anything you do. If this is disrupted by any type of trauma, be it birth trauma, whether or not you got your basic needs met as a child, or how you were wronged by your siblings etc. These types of trauma don’t go away until we are so uncomfortable with them that we have to look at them and heal them. This is why we can thank our illness for its role in bringing us to a place of questioning everything in our lives and resolving these old harmful traumas.

Childhood Trauma

You won’t know about most of your childhood trauma because as a child we don’t have the coping strategies to help us through these times. We don’t know how to process the experience unless we have a wise parent or adult who can help us do that. That is why good parenting is so important and so pivotal for the wellbeing of the future adult. Childhood trauma usually goes completely un-remembered into those places in your subconscious where they get stuck and keep influencing the way you are in the world.

Your clues to your childhood traumas are in your adult results to create a life that matches your deep values. Any disparity between what you create in adulthood and how you want your life to be is usually underpinned by a present interpretation of your childhood belief. For example: If you always wanted a great marriage/partnership but can’t seem to create one, and this keeps repeating, your work is to discover how you wrote a script about your parents and how relationships work. When we find a time where you got stuck in the energy of their own childhood subconscious scripts, you can rewrite these scripts and transform them into a loving understanding of what was going on.

Our ‘Blind Spot’

This work is imperitive if you keep on displaying the same pattern of hurtful energy towards your loved one, even though you do love them. This gets complicated through our unwillingness to see our part in relationships, and thereby project our own past onto the other. This can be very destructive. It won’t seem like you are doing this from your perspective, but you are trapped in your child’s negative pattern that was learnt as the way to ‘win’ at relationships. Of course we don’t win at all when we are trying to be in a loving relationship but are being sabotaged by our unhelpful patterns.

Our Role in Healing Physical Trauma

Every health issue is attached to an emotional issue (unless you were run over by a bus or something like that and generally damaged your body). When it is a physical trauma, such as the bus incident, the great lesson in healing is in placing ourselves in our future healed energy through our imagination and gentle self love. We need to place our burden of pain with our greater spiritual self. This allows our body to relax and heal much faster without the physical contraction of pain and fear which can impede the flow of natural healing energy in the body.

The Need for an Ally

When you know how to get well through engaging your healing energy and can release the child’s stuck emotional energy, your journey can be one of deep learning and great development. However to do this work is not as easy as it sounds. The best way to move forward is with a healing ally who helps you to work consistently and moves you through blocks that you are not aware of. No matter how clever, self-aware or trained you are our internal subconscious world is too close to us for us to see what is going on. It’s something that needs a view from outside of yourself.

It doesn’t matter how this person makes you aware of what’s going on inside you, but that they do. In other words, the person may be a good psychotherapist, homeopath, kinesiologist, counsellor, reiki master, friend or grandmother. You will know your healing ally because what they say makes sense and allows you to feel some release. You will know that they are working in your best interests to uncover what is really going on inside of you, instead of keeping you in the dark.

Katie Kalin is a kinesiologist and wellness coach  with over 30 years experience working with groups and individuals. She runs a private clinic in Cork City and also does online kinesiology/coaching consultations. She believes that we can access our innate wisdom that is connected to universal intelligence, through muscle testing. Access one free half hour consultation with her through  www.katiekalin.com