Scientific evidence shows that we are all energy.

To address our present world fears and challenges we must understand new science and make it mainstream. The old world order of only trusting data that can be be observed or measured is based in outdated science. It rests on the belief that there is nothing outside of a material and mechanistic world. For centuries civilisation has attributed truth and wisdom to science. But along the path of scientific advancement there have been bold dissenters who changed the course of science. They were ridiculed because they stepped out of the current belief system held by the scientific community and by society at large. But history proved them to be right all along.

Flat or Round?

Up until the 6th century BC everyone, including the scientific community believed that the world was flat. Some say Pythagoras was the first person to suggest the world was round, but generally the round earth theory is credited to Plato. These two were clever guys, geniuses in face,  but the theory of a round earth was widely ridiculed by scientists.

The Geocentric Model of where we sit in the Universe.

After scientist finally  got the idea that the world was in fact round, the geocentric model was then held true. This touted that all heavenly bodies revolved around us. In the early 1500’s Copernicus disputed this and said we were revolving around the sun. It took about 200 years for his work to be accepted! [1] Of course we all know now that he was correct.

Life is like a machine. Take it apart and you can fix it!

Since then Newton’s laws took over. Scientists saw the universe like a physical machine that worked on mechanical principles alone. Newtonian principles defined the universe by what you can observe and what you can take apart.  Scientists thought that if they could understand each ‘part’ and how they interact, they would ultimately be able to control nature. These scientific principles regarded humans as disconnected from, and superior to, nature. [2]

The Heirarchy of Science

As we’ve seen, science keeps on changing its mind. The flat earth theory was ‘good enough’ when we only travelled 20 miles or so in our lives. But different eras have required development of new science for practical reasons. There are many models of scientific heirarchy out there but I like to think of it as based on a 5 level model. The fundamental foundation of science is Mathematics (Level 1). Resting on Mathematics is Physics (Level 2). Physics is the foundation for Chemistry (Level 3) and Chemistry underpins Biology (Level 4). Resting on all these levels is the science of Psychology (Level 5). [3] Here I will summarise the latest developments in these ‘levels’ and how they impact our understanding of reality.

Level 1 – Changes to Mathematical Theories

Latest mathematics has led to fractal and chaos theories. Fractals are a new approach to geometry as defined in 1983 by scientist Benoit Mandelbrot. Fractal geometry came out of the observation of interconnectivity of all of nature. Fractal dynamics are influenced by the mathematical Chaos theory. This theory explains how the tiniest changes can cause unexpected and/or amplified effects.

Level 2 – Physics and Energy

Albert Einstein, Max Planck, and Werner Heisenberg disputed Newtonian physics with their quantum mechanics theory about a hundred years ago. They were able to show how energy waves (non-material) comprise most of what we exprience as the ‘material’ world.

Quantum mechanics reveals vortices of energy everywhere and in everything which are, at sub-atomic level constantly coming into and out of existence. The energy field of atoms interact with all the invisible energy fields that comprise the universe.

All of these invisible vortices of energy are engaging with each other in incredible complexity, and also with the unified field in which they are immersed. Although quantum mechanics was acknowledged nearly a century ago as the best scientific description of how our universe works, many scientists still cling to the reductionist and material worldview which is, quite frankly, outdated.

Level 3 –  Vibrational Chemistry

Newtonian chemistry focused on solid electrons, protons, and neutrons. But vibrational chemistry based on new quantum mechanics shows that atoms are made of spinning non-material energy. Within this new paradigm of vibrational chemistry, energy fields from thoughts, or even from man made products like cell phones, can influence biological chemical reactions.

Level 4 – Biology as Interaction

New biology engages with cells and their components, and organisms as energetically interacting within their environment. New biological science sees the Earth and all her inhabitants and the biosphere as one combined living entity.

Old DNA science taught that genes predetermine and control our physical and mental traits. But new epigenetics tell us that our environment and our perceptions can also modify our genes. New biology refers to epigenetics (a control above and beyond your genes) as a source of programming an organism’s DNA. This biology shows how genes and behaviour are changed by perception and the organism’s environment.

Level 5 – The Psychology of Energy

Psychology of years gone by considered the hardware of the central nervous system (genes and neuro-chemicals) were what created our dysfunctions.  New psychology recognises that the person’s environment and their perception influences their behavior and their genetics. We are “programmed” by much more than our genes.

New psychology believes in the reality and use of subconscious programming instead of using  the limited tools of adjusting brain chemistry and genetics. This new understanding helps us to grasp that childhood perceptions and environment have a major influence in programming the subconscious mind. It also gets us to take responsibility for the environments we place children into, knowing that they profoundly affect how they grow up to experience the world.[4]

How long before society catches up with the latest truth?

The old mechanical and materialistic approach of science has given us flights to the moon and plenty of other cool stuff but it has been challenged by new science for some time. New science views all types of life as a  type of encoded ‘information’ which manifests as a physical reality.


Atoms, cells, people, animals, plants and planets are part of the vortex energy that makes up the quantum or unified field. Our individuality is a place where certain energy frequencies may reside, but we can also connect this energy with other dimensions in a limitless way.

Deliberately accessing the unified field

This can be deliberately accessed by placing ourselves at the same frequency as a general ‘conductor’ of information energy. Some people have a natural gift for doing this and can tune into a ‘channel’ to access this information energy. It is similar to tuning into a radio station, but as well they can decode the words, or the musical notes (think 3 yr old genius pianists) and so on.


Our evolution continually takes place right under our noses. Worn out constructs eventually move over for greater concepts to take hold that serve our earthly needs, but it can take time. History shows it can take hundreds of years for dogma to allow the truth in to influence mainstream life. Many scientists and others have vested interests in keeping things the same.

Why we need science to engage society for our evolution.

Until we fully move into this current chapter of ‘new’ science we are being seriously disadvantaged. Unless our societies embrace this expansion of knowledge the entire population on earth is in jeapordy. That is because the whole concept of humans being separate and superior to the animal, plant and mineral kingdom, as believed in Newton’s mechanistic world, is simply not true. And it is extremely destructive. We share the same underlying energy field with everything – plant, water, animal, bacteria. We are made of exactly the same energy. What has validated human egos won’t help us survive and thrive any more unless we respect all species and all life, and realise we are sharing a part of the same vibrational frequency.



[3,4] Embracing the Immaterial Universe. Bruce Lipton 2016


Katie Kalin is a kinesiologist who uses psychophysical training to develop conscious awareness in her clients. She holds a Masters degree for her research and dissertation into the connection between consciousness, quantum physics and psychophysical training. Kate runs a clinic and also works online.  She uses distant muscle testing to connect people to their own wisdom through the unified field.