8.3.19 #WisdomHour Katie Kalin surrogate muscle tests for your following questions

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  00:42 At 55 I’m getting night sweats and hot flushes during the day. I’m taking supplements but they don’t seem to help much.Can you help?

07:14 I have tenderness on the outside of my thighs that extends to my buttocks and lower back. These areas have always been painful when massaged, but otherwise they don’t give me pain, except for some recurring lower back pain.

14:57 Ongoing issue with my left foot. I have special soles for shoes which eased it somewhat but would like to heal it fully. Can I heal this foot issue and pain?

21:18 I feel judged and misunderstood by my friend…..

27:25 How do I support someone in great pain after the hospital has cancelled their operation and has delayed any help?

38:31 I’m feeling overwhelmed and tired after a personal loss and promotion at work. I have no energy left for my relationship. How can I manage my energy so I can be there for my boyfriend and myself.

53:50 Wonderful Womens Wisdom Group on Facebook for womens’ support.

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