Generosity vs Expectations.

Your energy enters the world in a spirit of generosity or a spirit of pre-sent expectations. With any pre-sent expectations our energy is working against us because our vortex is downward and inward spiralling. A generous energy expands upward and outward, spiralling out to anything that matches its energy.

What is an Energy Vortex.

These spirals are getting us our results because in the world of energy we are either spinning a vortex of larger and larger energy (think of a water fountain which gets more and more enlarged and expansive each time you feel an energy which is exciting and uplifting). On the other hand, when we do things from the energy which views our lives as less than complete, our fountain becomes blocked by this emblem of dis-trust.

Don’t Confuse Generous Energy with a Generous Person.

Even a greedy person  can still get what they want and will get wealthier if their energy is generous. By this we mean they aren’t addicted to the end result, but do things primarily out of their great enthusiasm. This is what it means to enter the world in a ‘spirit of generosity’. In this context being generous doesn’t mean giving everything away to others. And giving to others is not done in a generous spirit if you ‘expect’ anything in return. The ‘spirit of generosity’ is an enlarging natural progession of energy which is fueled by enthusiasm and playful engagement. The universe has natural laws and it doesn’t discriminate or make moral judgements about anyone. These natural laws work for anyone, whether they are selfish, whether we regard them as ‘good people’ or not.

How the Engine of Generosity Works.

When we understand and know that our ‘now’ is the absolute correct place to be in our evolutionary process, we don’t do things from an attitude of ‘wanting more’. This states that we are not enough to start with, and it is ourselves that enters the great amplifier of energy.  We are able to do things from the mighty engine that generates powerful forward momentum. This engine runs off the steam that is created from stoking our great energy for enjoying ourselves. When we truly have fun, we open our vortex for more childlike trust and presence to enter whatever we do. Here our energy is pure and wonder-ful. The outcomes are not earned by working hard with intense pressure to succeed, but through our genuine love or enthusiasm for what we do.

Your Inner Child Is the Boss When it Comes to Having Fun.

You can enter this fantastic vortex of energy by enlisting your inner child as fully in charge of ‘how to have fun’. By getting this part of you really excited you will please yourself no end and work with your generous spirit to create your larger self. When you are lost within the energy of whatever it is that really excites you, the thought of whether it will be successful or not does not even enter your head. Nor does any thought that it could be a great waste of time or energy. You don’t get put off by these thoughts, because your energy keeps increasing with your enthusiasm for what you do.

How You Drive Your Steam Engine

It is hard to imagine being this way if you always think about profit and loss and where the money will come from, and how will I pay for it. The truth is that money is a form of energy, but like the steam in a steam engine, the engine won’t drive itself. Money won’t arrive for those who don’t place themselves in the driving seat. This means that when you don’t treat money as a greatly prudent driving force in your life, and learn how to steer it, the engine won’t get you anywhere.

Respecting The Great Energy of the Boiler Room.

When you respect money as this driving force of energy you won’t waste it on things that don’t add value to your own or others’ lives. Instead you will use it for enlarging your ability to generate more ‘complete credit’ in the world. This means either investing in others or creating indirect value (credit). This indirect credit is generated from developing your grand plans that are driven by this generous spirit we’ve discussed.

When you realise that you are in fact in the perfect place and time and have the right amount of money for the step you need to do next, you will stop generating a downward spiralling vortex. Instead you open up to a truly enlarging energy which creates everything from nothing.

Why The Engine Room Can Be Fun

This energy vortex can pre-sent you with every drop of pleasure from your efforts, which continue to nourish and inspire you. And this can in fact make you feel like it’s no effort at all. When you know this feeling of ‘flow’ you won’t want to go back to anything that blocks it. And the blocks start from grievances that the world is not giving you what you want, or what you think you ‘deserve’.

You will find that when you enlist the generous energy of the inner child, these things don’t matter at all. What matters to this part of you is making the most of every minute and being fully present to life in each moment.

Responding to the ‘Error Message’ in the Boiler Room.

Your anxiety and demands for more enter your aura and energy field like a great error message. You can also get this ‘error message’ when you don’t know if you are in your zone of happiness or not. If you are wondering, then you are not, it’s as simple as that.

Your job is to connect with the inner child and remember what truly made this part of you happy. It may take a subtle tweak or a big change to get back to what makes your heart sing. That is the secret to getting your direct link to genius and wonderful energy for what you choose to do. In that place the energy for pre-sent expectations is transformed to pre-sent thanks for every moment you are doing something you enjoy.

How to Get an Increased Sense of Wealth.

When you make that change from expectations to gratitude for what you already have materialised, you will notice a big difference in how you experience your work. Your state of entering into your delight won’t necessarily earn you more money to begin with, but will wonderfully influence how you engage with your sense of wealth. And from a place of feeling wealthy we generate more wealth. From a preventative feeling of avoiding poverty we provide our vortex with a downward spiral and contracting energy. That is the law of your pre-sent state.

Katie Kalin is a kinesiologist who uses psychophysical training to develop conscious awareness in her clients. She holds a Masters degree for her research and dissertation into the connection between consciousness and psychophysical training. Kate runs a clinic and also works online.  She uses distant muscle testing to connect people to their own wisdom through the unified field. Katie answers questions through surrogate muscle testing live on her facebook page  on Fridays from 1pm -2pm BST.  If you’d like her to answer a question for you go to and submit your question.